Justin Merrill MBA: PHP/Perl/SQL/Javascript/HTML5/CSS

Thanks for visiting, my name is Justin Merrill. I’m using the justinmerrill.com domain as both a blog, & a springboard to test new features & configurations for current & future web development projects. In other words… this site is constantly forever under construction. My goal is eventual vanity where I create a tricked-out bio page for myself that shows off all the skills I have learned over the years. Plus, I think having an email address with my name is a nice touch for a résumé & a business card.

Facebook me, Twitter me, LinkedIn me, or you can view my online resume page. I make this information handy for those who take an interest in me & what I have to offer them & their organizations.


I am keeping some of my content here pretty lax & perhaps even slightly person. I like being straight with people, & I appreciate it when they are straight with me. Being a professional doesn’t have to mean that you’re “stuffy” & terse. I have a vast network of friends & colleagues from all walks of life that I appreciate & respect. You never know who your next customer might be, & you can’t always judge a book by the cover, so I like to keep things “real” by just being myself & things tend to work out well. That said, I understand the importance or an impression, & “suiting up” for the part. While I might have a “robe & slippers” level of candor on my personal website, I learned to dress well in my 20’s, & I am very passionate about doing work well, & doing it right. I prefer to get it right the first time. Here are some highlights of what I can offer you & your organization:

  • Experienced Web Application Developer, Software Engineer, DevOps

  • Develop a custom Content Management System (CMS) tailored to YOUR needs, enhance something you already have, or I can crank out a WordPress mutli-site too.
  • Build an administer a Web & Database Server “from scratch”: Hardware, Software & Network Want CentOS/RedHat/Ubuntu with Percona MySQL & Apache/Nginx on 4CPUs & 256GB RAM ?
  • Crawl through ceilings to hard wire Cat5/6 office computers so you can share the expensive Fiber/NAS/Printer you just bought, because WiFi & Bluetooth are not as fast & reliable.
  • Recover your site exploded website from a Version Control branch/merging fiasco Git & SVN are tricky sometimes if you are not careful. I can help you unravel the mess.
  • I even have web hosting & domain name packages for you if you just want to code everything yourself, but need me for the Server Admin stuff.


I administer 3 web servers: 1 Cloud, 1 VM remote, & 1 in-house. I use Apache 2+ on Linux CentOs, an IIS Server (Windows) for testing. Each have  FTP, HTTP, SSL, SMTP, & DNS capabilities (and more) that utilize PHP, Perl, Python & Java (Apache Tomcat) with a Splash of Ruby. I am familiar with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, & NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB) as databases which I also keep handy on my servers.

I seem to have found a knack for helping grow small business by bringing them up to par with a medium-sized business & large-scale competitors’ technology, pretty much single-handedly. I am not bragging, I am actually complaining a little. I wish I had a bigger network of professionals & freelancers I could tap for times when I have a complex technical question, a heavy workload, or might need (or even want) to travel. Do you know anything about CRM, SDLCs, or SCRUM/Agile? How about Administration of Web & Database Servers? Do you have ambition & some time to take on some side projects? We should talk. Most IT professionals in my network don’t have the bandwidth, & I TOTALLY get why.


I have set up methods for small organizations to communicate, access & exchange data, & market themselves as being organized, technologically current, & highly efficient to customers, clients, & potential employees & other stakeholders. I seek positions with stable (and ethical) companies willing to give me an opportunity to become an asset to their organization. It’s been a lot of fun & extraordinarily exciting helping small & medium-sized businesses grow their IT infrastructure & Digital Presence, but there is something to be said for going into the office everyday & having my own desk space, or at least a remote team of colleagues to work with. If you or your organization are in the hunt for a Jack of Many Trades, & even an Ace of a few, then I would love to hear from you. Check out Justin Merrill on LinkedIn.com If you prefer the phone over email (I still do sometimes too), you can also reach me using my Contact Me page & an auto-response email will generate my home office phone number for you.

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