Justin Merrill, MBA: PHP/Perl/SQL/JavaScript/DevOps

Justin Merrill: I’m using the justinmerrill.com domain is forever under construction. My goal is eventual vanity where I create a tricked-out bio & portfolio pages that showcase the skills I have learned over the years. For now, it’s just a typical WordPress blog to post tips & tricks I can’t usually find elsewhere on the web. Also: Having an email address with my name for the domain is a nice touch for a résumé.


My content here pretty lax & perhaps slightly person. I like being straight with people, & I appreciate it when they are straight with me. I’ve never believed that “Being a Professional” means that you have to be “stuffy” & terse. I have a fantastic network of friends & colleagues from all walks of life all over the US that I appreciate & respect. You never know who your next customer or employer might be, & you can’t always judge a book by the cover. So I like to keep things “real” by just being myself.

I DO understand the importance or an impression, & “suiting up” for the part. While I might have a “robe & slippers” level of candor on my personal website, I learned to dress for the occassion in my 20’s, & I am very passionate about things work well, & doing it right. I prefer to get it right the first time, but I’m always striving for improvement through efficiently. I have NOT had a clear, direct path to a career in Software; I have had a wild ride with some of the following resulting skills & experience:

  • Experienced Web Application Developer, Software Engineer, DevOps

  • Custom Content Management System (CMS) tailored to specifics needs, enhance something you already have, or I can crank out a WordPress / WP Multi-site too.
  • Build / Admin “bare metal” Web & Database Servers “from scratch”: Hardware, Software & Network, optimized & tune to the highest specs with the smallest of budgets
  • Crawl through ceilings to hard wire Cat5/6/7 office computers so you can share the expensive Fiber/NAS/Printer you just bought, because WiFi & Bluetooth are not as fast & reliable.
  • Recover your borkt web app from a Version Control branch/merging fiasco Git & SVN are tricky if you are not careful. I can help you unravel the mess. Deep breathe. I got this.
  • Do you want to code everything yourself or already have someone for that, but need me for the Server Admin stuff? I’m game. I’ll find out what you have now & get you what you need to reach the goals of where you want to be.


I seem to have found a niche in helping grow small business by bringing them up to par with a medium-sized business & large-scale competitors’ technology, pretty much single-handedly. I am not bragging, I am actually complaining a little. I wish I had a bigger network of professionals & freelancers I could tap for times when I have a complex technical question, a heavy workload, or might need (or even want) to travel. Do you know anything about DevOps, Project Scoping for clients, CRM, SDLCs, or SCRUM/Agile? How about SysAdmin of Web & Database Servers? Do you have ambition & some time to take on some side projects? We should talk. Most IT professionals in my network don’t have the bandwidth, & I TOTALLY get why.


I seek positions with stable (& ethical) companies willing to give me an opportunity to become an asset to their organization. It’s been a lot of fun & extraordinarily exciting helping small & medium-sized businesses grow their IT infrastructure & Digital Presence (SEO/SEM), but there is something to be said for going into the office everyday & having my own desk space; Or even working with a remote team of colleagues with complimentary skills. If you or your organization are in the hunt for a Jack of Many Trades & an Ace of a few, then I would love to hear from you. Check out Justin Merrill on LinkedIn.com to see if I am available to help you out, or you are capable of paying a 6 figure salary. ;oÞ

Do you prefer phone over email or chat? I still do sometimes, too. You can reach me using my Contact Me page & an auto-response email will generate my home office phone number for you.

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