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I am a Mid-Level Web Developer with experience in server administration, multimedia, and Web design and skilled in assessment of client needs and requirements. A capable creator of viable web based and brick-and-mortar business solutions from concept to implementation with proficiency in PHP, JavaScript, Perl scripting languages. Most of my relational database applications have been built with MySQL with Apache on a Unix/Linux platform, though I have working knowledge of MS Access and MS SQL database platforms. Over a decade working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various modules for Apache web servers have conceptualized nearly a dozen small to medium sized business web projects. I aspire to learning new skills building on my introductory knowledge of jQuery, Dojo, and other JavaScript libraries (JSON) for use with AJAX.

Most of my web development experience has been working alone, with the exception of content development. My team and management experiences have been in the realm of administration and consulting. I desire the opportunity to deliver high quality products in a progressive and goal oriented organization. My team building skills and project management experience shines in an environment of capable of passionate professionals, and my persistence to succeed drives accomplishment and delivers personal satisfaction. I am willing and able to performing duties for a stable and ethical organization with growth potential and continuous technical and professional education anywhere in the United States as I am a single, childless, and young professional.


Programming (OOP): HTML/CSS (12 years); JavaScript (11 years); PHP (6 years);
CGI/Perl (3 years); XML/RSS (1 year); Visual C++ (1 year); Visual Basic (1 year)

Computer Skills: Hardware Guru, Software Expert, Network Administrator, Database Management, MS Windows Guru (MS DOS through Win8.1 x64), & a dash of Linux

Applications: Accounting: QuickBooks/Quicken, Peachtree, MS Money;
Adobe/MM: Dreamweaver (Developer), Flash (ActionScript Editor and SwishMax), Photoshop / Fireworks (Intermediate), Illustrator, Acrobat, and InDesign (Novice)
Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher/FrontPage (Expert),
Access, IIS (Novice), MS Project, and Visual Studios / .NET (Beginner);
Open Source: Apache 1.3/2.x/WAMP/LAMP, Dolibarr CRM (Intermediate);

Business Development: B2B Marketing/branding /advertising, business law, cost-cutting (efficiency), Customer Service, Sales Support, Technical Support (In-Field)

Specialty Skills: Electronic Circuit Design, ArcGIS (ESRI), Inventory Management, Project Management, balloon animal making, and just being a super cool guy.


St. Petersburg College
January 2011 – Present
Computer Science (PHP, Java, Perl, Flash, Javascript, HTML/CSS) Fine Arts, & Sustainability
Continuing education (Non-Degree Seeking)

• Advanced Web Development
• Multimedia Principles
• Business Management
• Solar Energy in Residential Construction

University of Phoenix
September 2007 – December 2010
Business Administration
Master’s Degree Completed (3.6 GPA)

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM Principles)
• Marketing and Advertising
• Leadership Principles
• Corporate Accounting and Finance
• Project Management
• Business Law
• Organizational Behavior and Initiative Implementation
• Human Resources Development and Management

International Academy of Design
January 2003 – June 2003
Web Design, Graphic Design, Fine Arts
Continuing education (Fine Arts Degree credit awarded; 3.5 GPA)

• Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator / Drawing for Fine Arts

ITT Technical Institute
June 1999 – September 2002
Electronic Circuit Principles, Design, and Application
Bachelor of Science Degree
(Electronics Engineering/Technology) Completed (3.79 GPA)

• Component Level Electronic Circuit Design and Principles (Hands on)
• Digital Logic and Digital Signal Processing (TTL, Multiplexing, Switching)
• Microprocessor and Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Programming
• Computer Science (A+ Certification, C++/Visual Basic, Machine code)
• Process Controls (industrial processes, sensors, 2&3 phase motor operation)
• Communications (AM, FM, GSM, CDMA, FDMA, Fiber Optics)

Business Executive Experience

Web Developer and IT Consultant at K&S Wholesale Tile
September 2013 – January 2014

Owner and Operator Keith Lisenko contracted me to build with IT Infrastructure and Digital Presence. I single-handedly created to incorporate Google Maps API v3, Flash and HTML5 fallback video playback, HTML5 and CSS3 design implementations, and Facebook and Twitter plug-in integration for his booming wholesale and warehousing business in St Petersburg, Florida. I created a flexible and robust custom Content Management System (CMS) for keeping his website updated with new products, specials and distributors of company merchandise using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. I also manage online marketing, email campaigns and CRM systems. In addition, I built a small network of devices and computers networked together via multiple routers/switches, and a data backup solution to protect his investments and grow his business.

Software Engineer at Empower Network
February 2013 – June 2013

Empower Network ranks among the Top 100 most popular websites on the internet as a rapidly growing online marketing company with an international network. The very “edgy” company contracted me to maintain and enhance the legacy custom WordPress platform known as “ENv1” that was later replaced by a massive overhaul of the system, complete with APIs and automation, aptly named “ENv2”.

Web Developer at Universal Healthcare Group
July 2011 – January 2013

Web Developer and Project Manager at
September 2009 – November 2011 was a start-up and partnership which markets solar energy companies of the United States to potential environmental and cost-conscious business and homeowners. My many roles include: CIO, Project Manager, Server Administrator, Consultant, web design/development, and business development.

• Ground-up development of
• Lead Web Project Manager
• HTML/CSS customization
• Custom JavaScript (functionality and validation)
• Custom PHP coding (Solar Calculator, cost estimator, back-end sales CRM)
• CGI/Perl (Back-end mail functions and custom web server configuration)
• ActionScript (Flash CS4/5.x and SwishMax 3.0)
• Google Map API Integration (with JSON and AJAX for PHP integration)
• Customized CMS (PHP-based with custom CSS framework)
• MySQL v5.0.92, PHP v5.2.11, and Perl v5.8.8 via Apache 2.2.14 on Linux

Web Developer / Project Manager at Knowledge Innovation Design, Inc.
January 2001 – Present

Knowledge Innovation Design, Incorporated is my personal business for various web projects with residual income potential and consulting opportunities. At its peak (2004), received 8,000 unique visits per day from an in-house Apache 2.0 web server running on Windows XP with a custom PHP 4 configuration (php.ini) using RaidenSuite FTP, SMTP, and DNS servers. In 2005, I stepped away from Web Development of the multiple company websites for promotion of tech support and computer hardware sales to focus on consulting contracts and client demand. As of 2011, a few of the company-owned domain and sub-domains are again live and slated for re-development to reflect my new skills and business value-adding services.

• Ground-up development of, and sub-domains
• High levels of success for dated device driver keywords and phrases (SEO)
• Effective CPC and CPM advertising campaigns (Pre-Google AdWords Era)
• Web design and development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl)
• Custom client computer hardware and software designs and configurations
• Customer service and support (on-site, email, and phone)
• Database design and maintenance (Mostly MySQL with some MS Access)
• Marketing and Advertising (special events, web, and print)
• Logo and banner advertising designs for internet marketing

Business Administration Experience

Director of Operations, Marketing Director at Karakon International
November 1999 – January 2008
Karakon International was an international master distributor of Italian imported professional salon products (Actyva). I worked my way up in the small organization of 8 employees from warehouse shipping and receiving duties, to Director of Operations. I stepped down to part-time in 2004 while I pursued other career opportunities, and returned to a full-time role in 2007 to assist with the liquidation upon news of the company CEOs imminent death from terminal cancer. The website was disabled in 2004 at the request of client distributors due to exclusivity agreements; it is now edited for use in my web development portfolio.

• Shipping & Receiving of fully loaded U.S. Customs cleared containers
• International Logistics planning and execution (water, ground, and air transport)
• Forklift operation (if it has wheels, I can drive it!)
• Marketing duties for Professional Beauty Industry Expo (Premiere Orlando)
• My first website, built completely from scratch –
• Retail sales up 150% under my management (100% from website)
• JavaScript-based shopping cart with Perl back-end and OpenSSL for security
• Flash animations (Macromedia Flash MX and Swish! 2.0 with ActionScript)
• Audio editing using custom recordings with SoundForge, and Total Recorder
• Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady and Macromedia Fireworks
• Implemented QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting Software for Inventory Management resulting in overhead cost reduction and +30% net cash flow
• Built a custom VPN (dial-up remote access) across 2 business office locations and 2 home offices (CEO and myself) to monitor & synchronize databases.

Manager and Delivery Driver at PCF Inc./Oney Bayside, LLC (dba Papa John’s Pizza)
March 2004 – April 2010
Oney Bayside LLC purchased the Papa John’s Pizza franchise in Pinellas County Florida in 2006 from PCF, Incorporated. I started out as a part time delivery driver and was promoted to management after my key role in breaking a franchise record for food-labor management (FLM). My General Manager, William Conley, held the #1412 store sales record until January 2009 (Super Bowl month), one year after the stores delivery area was expanded by 40%. I earned $45,000 gross (working in a pizza restaurant!) in 2006 from tips and overtime pay.
• Proper procedures for food handling and preparation
• Pizza dough-slapping expert
• Inventory Management
• Employee scheduling and Marketing duties
• Conflict resolution specialist (customer service and co-worker issues)
• High-stress and face-paced environment specialist
• Killing people with kindness
• GIS Implementation; Highly-effective delivery routing of subordinate drivers
Contracting and Consulting Work Experience

IT Consultant at K&S Wholesale Tile
April 2010 – Present
K&S Wholesale Tile is a commercial and retail wholesaler of fine tile flooring products in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Owner/Operator Keith Lisenko contacted me through my vast social and professional network to get his computer systems operational when he became the majority shareholder of his organization. With his dynamic business model, he requires methods to manage inventory and was pleased with the reduction in overhead after 6 months of implementing the QuickBooks software I configured for his business. In May of 2011, I began work on for marketing and customer retention. The site is slated to have interactivity through a custom CMS and social media integration (Facebook API).

Service Technician (Independent Contractor) at Knight Enterprises
March 2006 – October 2006
Knight Enterprises is a sub-contractor for Bright House Networks (BHN) of Pinellas County, Florida. Duties included performing installation of communications equipment via coaxial and Cat5/6 wiring for cable television, broadband internet, and VoIP telephone services in residential, commercial, and industrial customers of Florida.

• Adherence to tight scheduling in a fast-paced field environment, 6 days a week.
• Climbing and wielding a 24’ extension ladder for “tapping off the pole”
• “Attic crawls” to run coax and Cat5/6 wiring to provide custom installations
• Installation of computer hardware and software for use with broadband modems
• Aerial/underground RG-6, RG-11, Cat5/6 communication wiring expert
• Only recipient of a Customer Service Award in the history of Knight Enterprises for excellent service to an extremely valued customer ($50 bonus from BHN)
• Configuring customer Audio/Video equipment for home entertainment systems
• Mobile work order access to Dispatch via GSM capable mobile phone (Nextel)

GIS Analyst and Consultant at E.V.K. Enterprises, Incorporated
April 2002 – September 2006
EVK Enterprises, now Kalyvas Group LLC (see, was an in-house commercial property management company for the Kalyvas family with nine commercial properties around the Tampa Bay, Florida area. I was consulted to bring multiple offices into the 21st Century by interconnecting critical leasing and financial information across Pinellas and Hillsborough County, Florida and a GIS Project.

• Hand built multi-site computer workstations and office networks (TS, FTP, VPN)
• Ground-up development of former company web site
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analysis of geocoded data for use in real estate development and site selection using the following software: ArcGIS 9+ (ESRI), XMap (Delorme), MS Access, MS Excel, and basic scripting

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