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Justin Merrill For Hire

Thanks for visiting, my name is Justin Merrill and this is my personal web site. I’m using this domain (www.justinmerrill.com) as both a personal blog, and a springboard to test new features and configurations for current and future web development projects. My goal is eventual vanity where I create a tricked-out bio page for myself that shows of all the skills I have learned over the years. Plus, I think having an email address with my name is kind of a nice touch for a resume and a business card.

Facebook me, Twitter me, LinkedIn me, or you can view my resume online. I administer 3 web servers, 2 are remote and use Apache 2+ on Linux, and an IIS Server in house Windows Server 2008 RC2. Each have SMTP, FTP, HTTP, SSL, and DNS capabilities that utilize Perl, PHP, Ruby, and ASP script with MSSQL and MySQL databases servers. I have all of this technology linked directly to BlackBerry via AIM, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Apps with 3 additional custom email addresses. All this, and I’ve never worked for as a web developer or administrator for an organization larger than 20 people. So if I have never worked for a large organization, why should I use all this technology? It amazes me how busy Americans can be without ever setting foot inside an office building. I take some of the responsibility for that. I have set up methods for small organizations to communicate, access and exchange data, and market themselves as being organized, technologically current, and highly efficient to customers, clients, and potential employees and other stakeholders. I am currently looking for a position with a stable and ethical organization that is willing to give me an opportunity to become an asset to their organization.

Check out Justin Merrill and his resume on LinkedIn.com

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