Internet Income, Marketing & Rewards Programs Products Review

I’ve tried a few different ways of making money online, mostly through advertising on my web freelance projects that I have developed. The landscape of making money online has changed drastically since I began in 2002. Some of it is better, some… not so much.

So… How DO You Make Money Online Anyway?

Internet Income, Marketing & Rewards Programs

There are some really cool new programs out there that will actually pay you to do things like read emails, take surveys, or even search with specific search engine. Most of these programs are garbage though. You spend a few days of your life figuring out how the programs work, testing different things, trying to get more efficient at the systems / platforms that such programs exist upon, only to finally throw your hands in the air, and give up on them completely because you find that it is just simply not worth the time, effort or energy.

I understand.

This is why I am creating this section of my personal web space. I hope to share the highlights (also low-lights) of my experiences with making money on the web, or just general ideas for residual income through programs like Multi-Level Marketing Programs.

If it Really is THAT Hard to Make Money Online, Then What is the Point of Even Trying?

As often as the nay-sayers nay-say, there are actually some good ones out there. I hope I can help you find the right ones for you, perhaps even save you the time & energy wasted on fiddling & piddling with the wrong ones. I will try to stay objective and give an unbiased review, but, hey, this IS after all.

What Experience Do You Have with Internet Income? Why Should I Trust Your Product Review?


I have most of my experience with various advertising campaigning programs online, so I will be best versed on such arenas of “cashing internet money checks”, though there are other programs out there that can actually work for you to make a few extra bucks on the side, & not feel like you sold your soul for chump change.

I will try to touch upon various winning & losing strategies to bring in a few bucks, but by no means is any of the topics I cover going to bring in the income that “working for ‘The Man'” (whoever that is…) will bring you.

Get a job, hippie.

Okay, So I Already Have a Day Job. I Know I Will Not Get Overnight, Even Though My 3rd Cousin Twice Remove Retired At Age 25 From Selling Amway. But What ARE You Going To Cover in These Reviews?


The primary 3 topics I will try to cover in this area of my web site to make money with via an honest Internet Income, Marketing & Rewards Programs & Products Review are:

Advertising Online With Your Website, Blog (or Mobile Application)

Online Rewards Programs For Product Loyalty

Multi-Level Marketing Programs That sell products & Services via The Internet


Feel free to comment about my reviews & cover subjects or ideas that I do not touch upon as much as you would like. You can also spam or trash talk me until you are blue in the face, it will not faze me. Nor will it likely get through my comment filtering system, which you can also read about in my Best WordPress Site Configurations articles (coming soon!).

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