Justin Merrill, MBA: DevOps/Full Stack/Linux


Software Engineer with DevOps, App Development, Project Management & Team Building experience. Skilled in assessment of client needs & requirements. A capable creator of viable web based & brick-&-mortar business solutions from concept to implementation with proficiency in LAMP Stack, nginx, IIS, Relational databases (MySQL & MS SQL) with working knowledge of reporting tools for BI. Decades of working with code/languages, a variety of Stacks, Platforms & API solutions that get the job done. Proven conceptualization of any size & scale of web projects for any scale. Aspiring to always keep learning new skills building a knowledge base of the latest JavaScript frameworks, libraries & API hotness. Experience with Cloud-based software & platform solutions that are all the rage since 2012. With a persistence for efficiency, a drive to succeed & accomplish the most challenging of goals delivers personal & organizational satisfaction. Willing & able to performing software miracles for a stable & ethical organization with growth potential. Let’s get it done, together.