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Resume for Justin Merrill, MBA

My relevant work experiences, education and personal interests have evolved and expanded drastically over the last 3 decades. Given how integral the LinkedIn Platform has become to Information Technology, Software and Cyber Security professionals since I first started using it in 2002, I most often focus and review my most recent professional experiences and accomplishments there.

Please review my most recently updated resume on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn profile & resume for: Justin Merrill, MBA Software & Platform Engineer

Short Form Resume

Some recruiters, hiring managers and decision makers prefer shorter resumes of 3 or less printed pages, rather than the 15+ printed pages that mine has become over the decades of enterprise and education experiences I’ve accumulated.

For a “Short Form” version of my resume of 3 printed pages or less, please see here:

Link to Justin Merrill’s Short Form resume

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

In my capacities as a hiring manager, I often preferred to see a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) with as much detail as possible. This helps show me the candidate was able to construct a meaningful document with specifically targeted details, summarizations, proper spelling and grammar and organization. Someone who writes, reads, documents, reviews, modifies or edits code and desires to do so, professionally, is more than likely capable of creating such a document for the purposes of employment.

To see a highly detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) of my all my past work experiences and education, please see here:

Link to Justin Merrill’s highly detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Recognition & Badges

Zen Framework Certification for PHP v5.x from 2013-2014

I earned this Zend Framework Certification while between working on the largest-in-history-at-that-time WordPress Multi-site Platform as a contractor for a marketing company, and a top Fortune 20 Telecommunications Company. The rather expensive Zend Training course was a “parting gift” from my client for my time and efforts to go above and beyond from the contract position. I will always cherish it as my first accolade from my time spent in my career, starting out as a Full Stack Application Developer.

Experts Exchange “Qualified Expert” Badges

Experts Exchange - Expert Badge - Justin Merrill, MBA - Application Developer

In the later days of the “dial up” internet era, Experts Exchange was the original go-to for collaborating with other “Technical Experts”. While The Stack Exchange Network currently dominates this realm 3+ decades years later, Experts Exchange has always brought a “sense of community” to the internet-at-large that I once took for granted. By contributing to the platform, you could earn “badges” in various aspects of technology proficiencies by helping others with their real-world problems. It was truly ahead of its time. I recall my first of many “Expert Status” Badges that I earned on Experts Exchange in my years of “dabbling with programming and the web”, and the platform will always hold a special place for me (and I will always chuckle at the fact that they had to buy and change to the hyphenated domain name and let the old un-hyphenated one lapse). More recently, Experts Exchange has undergone many significant changes and honored me with an invitation to be a “Certified Expert” on its latest Platform iteration in Q1 of 2024. Clearly, Experts Exchange continues to bolster a sense of “what the internet was intended to be”: A place of collaboration, exchange of knowledge and a sense of community.

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