Justin Merrill

Engineer | Cloud | DevSecOps | SRE | K8s | GitOps | IaC | Data | APIs | BS | MBA

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Platform Engineer seasoned by Software, Web, Database & Cloud Development & Engineering on Open Source platforms with a professional emphasis on remaining agnostic to Software, Hardware & Cloud Vendors. Proven Servant Leadership successes of conceptualization & scalability for software and platform projects of any scale. Always aspiring to learning new skills, building a knowledge base of the latest “stacks”, frameworks, libraries, Data Stores & API hotness. Experience with multiple Cloud-platform solution variants. Persistence, efficiency, goal-setting and alignment of personal & organizational satisfaction are the secret sauce to accomplish the most challenging of targets & results. Dynamic, outside-of-the-box thinking and willingness to consider solid ideas from team members with a drive to succeed as inclusions for aggregate problem-solving outcomes. Willing & able to performing software platform miracles for a stable & ethical organization with growth potential. Let’s get it done, together.

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Skill Summary

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript/ECMAscript (2000); # *.js libs used: Node, jQuery, Ember, Vue, React, more
  • Node.js (2013)
  • Python (2003);
  • Go/GoLang (2021);
  • PHP (2000);
  • Perl/CGI (2003);
  • Java v6 through v7 (2012); # Also: Java ILOG (2014);
  • .NET (dotNet);
  • Angular.js v1 (2015);

API Design, Development and Engineering Experience::

  • Web API Types
    • REST/RESTful (2012;)
    • GraphQL (2020);
    • RPC (2011);
  • XML/SOAP (2011);
  • API Tooling familiarity
    • Postman (2012)
    • SoapUI (2011)
    • Fiddler (2013)
    • “Kong” Insomnia (2021)
    • “SmartBear” Swagger, ReadyAPI, etc (2016)
    • “Raw Custom” test suites in Perl, PHP, Java, and Node for Unit/regression/TDD Testing (2012)
    • Authentication Types
      • HTTP/HTTPS (OTP, API Keys, IP-based, etc)
      • OAuth / OAuth2
      • JWT (JSON Web Tokens)
  • API Development Experience with XML/SOAP and REST since 2012 (Healthcare)
  • Brownfield API Engineering Experience with XML/SOAP since 2014 (Telecommunications)
  • Greenfield API Architecting Experience with Kong Enterprise API Platform since 2022 (Platform-as-a-Service)


  • MySQL/MariaDB (2001); #Also Percona’s XtraDB circa 2013
  • Microsoft SQL Server (2003); #Extensive experience optimizing complex queries, table relations & Stored Procedures
  • Oracle Database (2014); #Various versions from 9i and up; Sometimes found in older back-end POTS systems of Telecoms
  • PostgreSQL (2014); #
  • MongoDB (2016); # adding NoSQL-Cloud ODMs in 2018, such as DynamoDB, CosmosDB & MongoDB Cloud
  • Redis (2013); # Used as scaling solutions for fast cache retrieval and server load reduction
  • SQLite (2016); # Used for client-side data-stores of custom PHP frameworks
  • “Other” DB experience with obscure/proprietary/obsolete DBs (eg. Sybase, DB/2, etc)

Platform/Infra & Config:

  • Web Servers:
    • nginx (2012); # My preference is nginx for web servers, proxies, caching and ingress configurations
    • Apache (2000); # Apache still has some niche use cases that can be used in tandem with nginx, such as a simple file server
    • lighttpd (2016);
    • IIS (2000); # Microsoft Internet Information Services (Since Windows Server 2000, also with PHP for Windows Server 2008)
  • CodeFlow: Git, SVN, Mercurial (2011)
  • IaC (2018); # Terraform (+OpenTofu), AWS Cloud Formation, Ansible
  • CDNs (2013); # Cloudflare, AWS Cloudfront, Fastly & “custom” memcache(d)/KVStores (eg. Redis, DynamoDB and other ODMs)
  • Advanced WordPress (2007) # Single-site, Multi-site, Roots.io & custom/niche platforms & workflows

Release Management & “GitOps”:

  • GitLab CICD (2020);
  • GitHub “Actions” (2018);
  • Azure “Pipeline” via DevOps/VSTS (2018); # Preferred: Excellent, powerful tools to manage software builds and deployments
  • Atlassian Bamboo (2013); #Also Fisheye and Crucible
  • Various “custom” deployment automations (for edge cases)
    • bash / shell scripting with “vanilla” git; # also zsh/zshell
      • Shell scripting often preferable for complex multi-stage builds and deployments, as it is most flexible, portable & re-usable
    • Python/Perl/PHP;
      • Using a server-side cli is useful for incorporating legacy build steps in niche use cases, such as transcoding & API integration
    • Ansible / RunDeck
      • Ansible is often best suited for pipelines of deployments with large amounts of inputs, tokens and configuration variables

Cloud Vendor Experiences:

  • AWS (2013)
  • Azure (2018)
  • Oracle Cloud “OCI” (2021)
  • Red Hat OpenShift (2012);
  • niche cloud-suites: Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, IONOS (formerly 1&1), etc


Company: Confidential

Founding Engineer || 02/2023 – 04/2024

Varieties of implementations for problem solving technologies in burgeoning industries, ranging from brick & mortar to Web3. Exploration & execution of innovative tooling. Integration of Software Stacks, platforms & components in conjunction with private & open-source Artificial Intelligence models for Start-ups & Small Businesses to thrive & grow.

  • Hybrid Cloud modeling for cost cutting & privacy/security hardening
    • AWS, OracleCloud, Azure, IONOS, DigitalOcean, Linode & other VPS/Datastores
  • Database Engineering for scaling up from Alpha & Beta Schemas
    • Cloud & OnPrem MySQL/MariaDB implementations
    • MongoDB to PostgreSQL migrations
  • Systems Design Architect for OnPrem Virtualization
    • Hardware Selection, Networking, Dell & HP BM Hypervisors
    • Hypervisors & APIs: XenServer, ESXi, libvirt, Hyper-V
  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
    • Data Analysis & Portfolio Tracking & Tax Reporting
    • Cryptocurrency Payment solutions: Mobile Kiosks, microtxs
  • Greenfield Design Implementation of AI-assisted Software Development Models
  • Terraform to OpenTofu Migrations (Future-proofing IaC)
  • Kubernetes Implementations & Upgrades: Kustomize, Helm, Flux, Lens/k9s, ELK, Promethus, Grafana, Fluent Bit, fluentd & more
  • GitOps Engineering: GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, custom self-hosted/onprem

Company: Raft

Principal Platform Engineer || 11/2022 – 02/2023

Heavy emphasis on Kubernetes, IaC, GitOps & Security for this contractor that works closely with various agencies & organizations with strict governance models.

  • Kubernetes (Kustomize, AWS EKS with some OpenShift & Borg/Cloud
    Foundry “migrations”)
  • Terraform (+Terragrunt, Packer + AWS AMI, etc)
  • DevSecOps (NIST CSF & other Security+ FWs)
  • GitOps (ArgoCD with GitLab CICD)
  • Docker + CRI-O with AWS ECS + GitLab Container Registry / CI Pipelines
  • Identity Access Management (IAM, AWS Cognito & other various “MFA/Token Auth tooling”)
  • Developer & Engineering Technical Support & Guidance
  • Agile Sprint/Scrum tracking via JIRA, GitLab & GitHub
  • “Compliance & Security” Testing, Reviews & Maintenance

Company: AlefEdge

Manager Service Platform Operations || 05/2021 – 12/2022

Alef provided me another “From the ground-up” opportunity for another “from scratch” Infrastructure Architecting & Development opportunity using bleeding edge tech & processes. This was a completely automated, multi-tier, multi-environment Platform Engineering Solution on AWS with some other cloud services. I trained & supported just under 100 team members in my duties of Platform Management to support Hybrid Edge & Cloud Platforms (EdgeNet):

  • Architect of Multi-faceted Software Systems & Network Designs
  • Manage & Coordination of multiple global teams & Contractors
  • Team Building through Support Engineering
  • Automation & Deployment using Terragrunt (enhancer for Terraform/OpenTofu see: Gruntwork.io)
  • Kubernetes Platform Development & Maintenance (Kustomize, K8sLens, Helm, Docker, etc)
  • Packer
  • Ansible (& RunDeck)
  • Configuration, Deployment, Management & Maintenance of varied Cloud &
    Vendor-managed Services
  • Kong Enterprise API Deployment, Configuration & Administration
  • Multi-tiered Security, IAM & Access Management
  • Database Administration & Engineering
    • MariaDB & AWS AuroraDB MySQL
    • MongoDB Cloud & AWS DynamoDB
    • AWS AuroraDB PostgreSQL
  • Network Engineering & Administration
  • Systems Monitoring: Prometheus, ELK, Grafana
  • Central Logging System Architecture
  • CI/CD Pipeline Automation & multi-tiered Orchestration with Flux via GitLab & GitHub
  • Bash, Python, Go, Node.js & PHP
  • AWS VPC Networking: Lambda, RDS, Atlas, Route53, etc

Company: Spathe Systems

Database Engineer (DevSecOps) / Instructor (Educational Design) || 10/2020 – 05/2021

Database Engineering Instructional course materials development & instructional presentation of DevSecOps training intended to provide Database
Engineering knowledge for modern software development. Teaching Cloud, & DevSecOps Database & Data management principles for delivery of data solutions, database design for relational/non-relational modeling, securing & prototyping with my emphasis & expertise on Data Stores.

  • RDMS/SQL: PostgreSQL, MySQL, AuroraDB & RedShift
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, DynamoDB & Redis
  • Provide conceptual training for design, building & administration of logical data models to foster skill development for staff & partners for modern database management.
  • Convey microservices architecture by utilizing Agile Methodologies
  • CI/CD: GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, custom bash/shell & Python scripting
  • Containerization/Virtualization Platforms:
  • IaC: Ansible, Terraform
  • Containerization: Docker (+Swarm), Quay (Red Hat), Amazon ECR, GitLab Container Registry
  • Kubernetes: OpenShift , AWS EKS
  • XenServer & ESXi Implementation & configurations for the Bare Metal (BM) Environments used for Dev/Test/Beta/Staging

Company: Wish For IT, LLC

Principal Software Engineer || 06/2019 – 09/2020

Small Business B2C & B2B projects for DevOps / SysAdmin support of new or pre-existing development resources. Software & Server resource architecture, budgeting, configuration & performance tuning. DevOps & Full-stack/Software Engineering projects for Marketing, Sales Tracking, Inventory Management & SEO ROI for small businesses with unique web forms, custom CMS solutions or WordPress for promotions, advertising & customer retention tools & data points. Providing clients with customer interactivity & social media integration. 

Typical projects include client-level customer outreach & communication, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns, Online Marketing advertising campaigns & customer interaction.

  • LAMP/LEMP Stack
    • Nginx used as caching and reverse-proxy with Apache handling PHP processing and file hosting
    • Migrations from MS SQL Server to MySQL/MariaDB & PostgreSQL
    • WordPress sites used in CMS & internal use
    • Onsite BM hardware & multiple Cloud-Vendor infrastructures: XenServer (BM), AWS, Linode, DigitalOcean, IONOS (Clouds/VPS)
  • Migrations from Laravel & Angular tools to Vue.js / node.js for presentation / web presence
  • CentOS7 for secured services & entry-points (auth, web servers, LBs, proxies) Debian-based Linux VMs & containers for workloads & pipeline build components
  • Docker / Docker Compose containerization & orchestration
  • API Platforms for mapping location proximities, pricing & general search functions

Company: TekPrepper Solutions

Sr. Software Development Manager || 08/2018 – 05/2019

Department Manager of a startup company with 5 direct reports. Managing a blended skill set of Mid-level Developers & a remote contracting partner of offshore developers for multiple projects leveraging a blended mix of Node.js & PHP v7.x back-end environments for tandem-developed & symbiotic multi-phase cryptocurrency projects. Git VC (GitHub Enterprise & VSTS/Azure DevOps) with 2 teams of 8 developers, 2 System Engineers & collaboration between 2 teams (mix of on-site & remote). Azure DevOps Build & Deployment pipeline automation oft combined with Ansible for leveraging CI/CD principles (Red/Black) for use with 3-tiered SDLC environments (On-Premises Test, Staging, Production) for code review, integration testing & data integrity.

  • Code Reviews & Unit Testing of all commits
  • Advanced WordPress Platform Development (Roots.io) for customer-facing front-end
  • Hybrid Multi Cloud / OnPrem with ESXi, XenServer, AWS & Azure
  • DevOps & SysAdmin management for multiple applications & versions on AWS, ESXi & XenServer
  • IAM & Cognito (AWS) & Azure Communications Services for credentials management
  • EC2 (Ubuntu, AMZ & Red Hat), EBS, S3 for compute & data storage
  • RDS (Aurora) and OnPrem MariaDB SQL data storage solutions
  • Transcoder behind NAT-ed VPC virtualized infrastructure leveraging bastion VMs
  • HAProxy Load Balancing connected to On-Premises bare metal hardware for maximum cost savings, resilience & redundancy

Symphonic Distribution

DevOps Specialist / Technical Lead / Software Architect || 02/2018 – 08/2018

Leveraging AWS services & Cloud-based Infrastructure components. Technology stack consisted of applications built on Linux Red Hat using the
traditional LAMP stack & also Ruby / Serverless applications.

Management of 2 small team of local & Off-Shore Developers in tandem efforts to build a v2 of the original product while C-level continued to enhancing the existing platform… Utilizing ffmpeg for audio processing & S3 Fuse (s3fs) for managing user supplied content, transcoded audio formats created for delivery to Partner Stores (Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play, YouTube, Shazam & many more) with the appropriate validation mechanisms for content metadata in various custom XML & DDEX formats.

Server Side: PHP v5.6.x & v7.x (Zend v1.x + Yii v1.x Frameworks + Composer); MySQL 5.6.x & Apache Web Servers

Client Side: jQuery (jQueryUI, Datatables.js, Filepond), Bootstrap (CSS layout) & HTML5

AWS Infrastructure: Multiple Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs from CloudFormation) instances backed by Linux Red Hat AMI EC2 Instances
(VMs) on Elastic Block Store (EBS), Cloudwatch (Logging), S3 Object Store, Elastic File System (EFS), Cloudfront (CDN), Elastic Transcoder, Route53 (DNS), Identity Access Management (IAM) / IAM Roles & Security Groups

  • LAMP Stack with non-traditional front-end components
    • Platform management via custom PHP-cli and ffmpeg-php scripts for “white glove” clients
    • AWS: VPC Networking, IAM, Red Hat AMI EC2s, EBS, CloudFormation, S3, Cloudfront CDN, Aurora DB (MySQL), EFS (NFS), Cloudwatch, Elastic Transcoder
    • Custom SFTP & S3 data sync for large clients & partners
  • GitHub & Azure DevOps (VSTS at the time) for GitOps & Release Management
    • Custom Pipeline processes & tokenization for multi-tiers: Dev, Stage, Prod
  • Custom-written PHP & Perl scripts for Support staff to quickly act on time-sensitive issues
  • Code Reviews, QA testing & other supportive functions for direct reporting in-house & remote Dev Teams

Company: K&S Wholesale Tile

Head of Technology || 05/2016 – 01/2018

A commercial & retail wholesaler of fine tile flooring products. Complete website rewrite with a custom CMS solution as tool for marketing and customer retention to provide client with interactivity & social media integration. The “Go To Person” for tech, Social Media Marketing, SEO & configuration for content management by non-technical staff.

  • Custom CMS: PHP, jQuery, API integrations, Git, and ADOdb5 for versatility with LAMP stack
  • Multiple SEO & Social Media Marketing Projects
  • Inventory Management & AR/AP Accounting (MySQL & Intuit products)

Company: Tech Data

Senior PHP Software Engineer || 03/2016 – 05/2016

Full Stack Development using custom templating system, jQuery, PHPv5.6, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL & MongoDB. Refactoring inefficient business logic used to create “B2B & B2C shopping cart type experience” for software licensing of nearly every Microsoft product. This
product was named “StreamOne” & was the only PHP-based software product at Tech Data, ultimately discontinued & replaced with a .Net Stack.

  • SOAP / RESTful APIs & heavy use of AJAX.
  • Proprietary PHP-centric Framework & primitive, “customized WebSQL variant” used for client-side storage
  • OnPrem PostgreSQL Data Store

Company: AT&T

Full Stack Engineer || 02/2014 – 03/2016

True Full Stack Software Development position with focus on tool development for usages such as trouble ticketing systems (Unified Desktop), workflow processes for customer service representatives (SASHA & TaskMaster) & the automation of common resolution steps to correct outages (GOLIATH/ETHAN & TQI), service interruptions, & general troubles in the vast & ever expanding AT&T landline & wireless network for voice & data.

Blended code base with mostly Perl & PHP, with some intensive refactor required from antiquated platforms (such as older IBM products like Java iLog). Support, development & enhancements to AJAX (jQuery) with Perl & PHP on a blended back-end with mostly MySQL, & significant MS SQL, DB2, Sybase & Oracle data sources.

Networking, SysAdmin & DevOps duties using multiple Development environments, Staging/UAT/Test Servers & load-balanced Production servers
for the various applications. Command line from PowerShell, PuTTy, Git Bash & Cygwin for using NPM + Bower & hypnotoad (Ember.js), remote Linux (Red Hat) servers for all tiers of code release. CLI for Perl Debugger is essential for checking formats & deciphering poorly documented business logic & functionality to get the job done right.

  • Multiple LAMP Stacks, mostly Perl5, some PHP and Java
  • Custom jQuery/jQueryUI framework development (2014)
    • Migration to Ember.js framework (2015-2016) with Node.js
  • OnPrem systems & services: SmartGit, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, many more
  • OnPrem Stack integrations with IBM BlueSky (Primitive Cloud) components
  • Leading & supporting API development & integrations projects with global teams & vendors of disparate systems & networks (unification)

Company: Empower Network, LLC

Web Application Developer || 02/2013 – 06/2013

Contract for general bug fixes, HTML and CSS page edits, PHP and JavaScript feature development and modifications, and MySQL database
troubleshooting. Updating outdated code base with jQuery implementations & depreciated PHP functions. Worked on projects directly
from the company founders & other general customer support issues.

  • Maintain & release code on 8 Production and multiple development servers.
  • Assist with code migration from SVN to Git (BitBucket)
  • Maintain Atlassian Product Suite: JIRA, BitBucket, FishEye, Crucible, and Bamboo (self-hosted)
  • Development & maintenance of the custom WordPress Multi-site platform; The largest WordPress Multi-site in history (at the time)

Company: Universal Health Care

Application Developer || 07/2011 – 01/2013

First role as a “pure Developer”, using a unique Stack of IIS with PHP & MS SQL Server Data Store. Custom framework of jQuery, JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 with legacy browser support. Heavy SQL with multiple factors & components of Portals for Customer & stakeholders (CMS & HIPAA Compliance).

  • Portal Development for Contracted Healthcare Provider Services (Providers)
  • Custom Content Management System Development
  • Documentation, Systems Analysis & Technical Writing
  • Platform Migration & Implementation from .Net to Custom Stack

Company: FindSolarCompany.com

Web Application Developer || 09/2009 – 07/2011

An ambitious start up company for marketing Solar Equipment Installation. Web app provided a public service for customized cost savings calculations & government rebates / incentive information provisioning aid to marketing efforts & credibility.

  • Classic LAMP Stack: PHP/Perl, MySQL, Apache, Ubuntu Linux
  • Custom Vanilla JavaScript functions for calculations, HTML5 for location sharing
  • CMS Integration, modification, configuration and seamless integration of the BizDirectory2 software platform

Company: Knowledge Innovation Design, Inc.

Sole Proprietor || 01/2001 – 12/2010

Knowledge Innovation Design, Incorporated was a business entity that I operate web & software projects under. Some examples are consulting, new office setups, custom PC & server builds & upgrades, web presences & residual income projects.

  • Web design & development: HTML4, CSS2, vanilla JavaScript, PHP, Perl, MySQL & MS SQL
  • Computer hardware, software & networking: problem solving, troubleshooting, repair, replace, upgrades & configurations
  • Customer service & support for inexperienced users or unfamiliar software setups
    • Peachtree Inventory Management & Accounting Software
    • QuickBooks & Quicken Accounting Software
    • Virus removals & Windows Re-installations
    • Custom Excel Spreadsheet templating
    • Data recovery & restoration
  • Marketing & Advertising (social media, brand management, special events, web, print)

Company: Papa Johns

Delivery Driver || 04/2004 – 04/2010

Company: LegalShield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal)

Legal Expense Agent || 02/2004 – 04/2010

  • Networking individuals and companies to legal benefits packages internationally
  • Network marketing, Web-based marketing, direct sales and business presentations
  • Business networking
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Custom Website with Sales Funnels

Company: Karakon International

Director of Operations < Application Developer < Warehouse || 11/1999 – 01/2008

Karakon International was a family-owned international master distributor of Italian imported professional beauty salon products. Self-starter Web Development efforts began in late 2000 & boosted sales, dramatically. Promoted to the Director of Operations role in 2006 with direct reports while liquidating the company assets, due to the owner having terminal cancer and passing away in Q3 of 2007.

  • Retail sales up 150% via the JavaScript-based shopping cart with Perl back-end & OpenSSL configuration on JavaScript, HTML4 & CSS2 front-end with Flash media, navigation & animations. Flash media was developed with Macromedia Flash MX & Swish! 2.0 with ActionScript
  • Completely custom photo capture & edits with Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady & Macromedia Fireworks
  • Built Custom VPN & data sharing services to monitor & synchronize databases between multiple locations
  • Managed 3 employees & coordinated the sunset of the company beginning in late 2007 upon the expiration of the original company owner.
  • OnPrem hosting for websites & employee portals for comms & data sharing
  • Accounting & inventory tracking: Peachtree, QuickBooks & Quicken
  • Forklift operation & coordination of Air Freight, Semi-Truck & Ocean Sea Freight container shipments

Company: Keller Mechanical Services

Field Service Technician || 07/2007 – 09/2007

Servicing Industrial Boilers with electrical and mechanical maintenance contracts throughout the region. Field level technician duties, including replacing switches, annual cleaning, performance tuning, etc. Upgrades & installation of AutoFlame products for industrial boiler application controllers for maximum efficiency & cost savings. Electro-mechanical “blue collar” role, with ladder-logic programming (PLC).

Company: Hurricane Seafood Restaurant

Bartender || 07/2006 – 06/2007

Mixing magic on a rooftop Tiki Bar located on one of the most beautiful beaches on earth!

Company: Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Delivery Driver || 11/2003 – 05/2007

Company: Knight Enterprises

Field Service Technician || 03/2006 – 05/2007

Complete Installation of Co-axial and Cat-5 wiring for Cable Television, Broadband Internet, & Digital Telephone Services in Residential, Commercial & Industrial locations. Installation of personal computer hardware & software for use with Cable Modem Technology for Broadband Internet Access (NICs, Hard Drives, Windows re-installs, etc).

  • Fully trained in various center conductive wire types & necessary applications for RG-6 Arial RG-6 U/G RG-6 Generic, RG-11 Arial, RG-11 U/G, etc
  • Received Award for Excellence in Customer Service as a Technician (rare honor)
  • Tier 2 Computer Certification
  • Training responsibilities for new hires within first 3 months

Company: Kalyvas Group, LLC

GIS Analyst / Application Developer || 04/2002 – 09/2006

Multi-county commercial & residential leasing company with innovative & unique ideas. Hired to be “The IT Guy” to streamline processes, bolster marketing & advertising, problem solving for multiple properties & tenants. This role eventually led to an awesome experience of using bleeding-edge GIS software with Public Data for site selections of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) property developments.

  • Design & development of multiple commercial & residential property web sites with Custom CMS built with Macromedia Flash & PHP
  • Hand built all computer workstations & office networks at multiple physical locations
  • Performed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analysis of mapping data for use in real estate development and related application with a wide array of GIS & database software: ESRI, XMap, MS SQL, MS Access, MS Excel
  • Aided in site selection for major retail/grocery/drug store chains: CVS, Winn-Dixie, Dollar General, etc.
  • Introduced to Python scripting as related to State & County land parcel data for specific site selections

Company: Jabil Circuit

Test Engineer || 10/2001 – 12/2001

My 1st contract position while earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Battery of testing for a backlog of Dell Laptop motherboards intended for refurbished resale.

Company: Gourmet Pizza Company

Delivery Driver || 07/2000 – 04/2001


Company: Donatos Pizza

Delivery Driver || 08/1999 – 11/1999 


Company: Meijer

Grocery Stock Clerk || 09/1998 – 11/1999 


Company: United Dairy Farmers

Cashier Customer Service || 07/1998 – 09/1998

Part-time work for multiple store locations throughout multiple counties making milkshakes, serving ice cream and managing transactions for groceries, gasoline & convenient store items. – Multiple Stores

State-mandated Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

Automotive Technician || 03/1998 – 08/1998

State mandated vehicle emissions testing – Record holder for single-person lane test quantity in a single business day (at that time).

Company: Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill

Line Cook || 11/1997 – 03/1998


Company: Taco Bell

Customer Service Representative / Closer || 04/1996 – 11/1997 

High-school job

Company: Pizza Hut

Customer Service Representative / Closer || 05/1996 – 8/1996 

High-school job – Multiple franchises & stores

Company: Hickory Hut

Busser / Dishwasher || 1995

First job – Closed Business

Education & Training

St. Petersburg College

Computer Science, Construction, Fine Arts, Sustainability || 2003 – 2021

Non-degree seeking studies, occasional part-time student (when I find something new & interesting to explore & interact with others)

  • Web Development, Computer Programming, Graphic Design, Cloud & Networking
    • Programming: Java, Perl, PHP, Raptor
    • Front-end: JavaScript/HTML/CSS
    • Amazon Web Services: Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, etc
  • Sustainable Civil Engineering
  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Administration

University of Phoenix

Masters Degree, Business Administration || 2007 – 2010

Dynamic blend of Legal, Compliance, Business Intelligences Tool use for Business Administration & Management of resources. Heavy focus on collaboration with projects requiring extensive interaction with peers & instructors. Generally terrific life lessons!

  • Masters Degree completion 12/2010

International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT)

Web Development, Graphic Design || 2003 – 2003

Non-degree seeking studies, occasional part-time student (when I find something new & interesting to explore & interact with others)

  • Front-end: JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Fine Arts: Mixed Media Drawing

ITT Technical Institute

Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering / Technology || 1999 – 2002

  • Bachelor of Science Degree completion 09/2002
  • Associate Degree completion 07/2001

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