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The internet is a beautiful thing. It’s reach is more expansive than anything else on Earth. I enjoy providing content that people find useful and helpful. Occasionally, I give back to those who help me with software for improving my final products, code for enhancing my web development and application development, or just general knowledgeable insights on how to make things work, and make them work well. For years I’ve provided content that I’ve received an overwhelming amount of web traffic and email correspondence from. I get a kick out of it when people actually ask me how they can donate to my web projects because I have helped them when they were in a bind, or they appreciate my works and my efforts to spread knowledge as much as I can bring myself to absorb it.

While the percentages are well under 1% of my web visitors that have made donations to my cause, it has helped me keep my servers running by putting at least put a small dent in my expenses for web hosting and web storage over the years. Combining my donations with the advertising revenues I’ve never come close to breaking even, but perhaps 2014 and beyond will be different with the advent of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was all the internet rage in 2013, mining for BTC, LTC and FTC has become a lot more difficult lately, but I plan to keep experimenting with it and perhaps create some more online tutorials, “how-to” web pages, product reviews and general discussion content regarding this fascinating new trend of digital currencies that are sweeping the web.

If you are not able to donate to keep my servers running, my internet connection live or my electric to run it all on, I can always use a good word and recommendation on my LinkedIn Profile, or if you’re not on LinkedIn, just a detailed thank you comment or message can really brighten my day.


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Thanks for your support! I hope to get up and running again (with a massive overhaul and facelift) with enough support now that my host is offering an unlimited bandwidth package and it won’t drain my wallet! I intend to take special requests for allow particular multimedia video device drivers for download as well as some SDKs and related materials to aid in the efforts of my follow cryptocurrency miners.

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